27 01, 2022

How do I get started?


Request a consultation with us regarding your requirements for an Eircode / Postcode DirectAddress integration project. Drop your details into the pricing form and we'll be in touch!

How do I get started?2022-01-27T14:44:48+00:00
27 01, 2022

How does an API work?


Data is typically stored in a database. The API is used to send information to or receive from information from another system in a pre-defined format. The requested information usually originates in a database, but [...]

How does an API work?2022-01-27T14:42:17+00:00
27 01, 2022

What is an API?


APIs (application programming interfaces) are information gateways that allow applications and services to communicate between one another.

What is an API?2022-01-27T14:42:48+00:00
26 05, 2021

How do I find a Non-Unique Address with DirectAddress?


Search for your non-unique address in the DirectAddress search bar. The Elasticsearch feature will present back a number of options. Non-unique addresses will appear with a (More than one property found. View on map) option. [...]

How do I find a Non-Unique Address with DirectAddress?2021-05-26T12:45:40+00:00
26 05, 2021

How much does DirectAddress cost?


Head over to our pricing page and simply fill out the relevant fields, hit enquire and we’ll be in touch! Alternatively, call us on +353 1 8041298 or email us at directaddress@dataconversion.ie.

How much does DirectAddress cost?2021-05-26T12:37:48+00:00
24 05, 2021

What is a Non-Unique Address?


Over 35% of addresses in Ireland are non-unique, where there is no house name or number. This results in many properties sharing an address, making it difficult for deliveries.

What is a Non-Unique Address?2021-05-24T10:14:58+00:00
24 05, 2021

What platforms can DirectAddress be integrated with?


DirectAddress can be easily integrated with e-commerce and web development platforms including WordPress, Wix & Shopify, allowing users to verify their address without leaving your website. It can be integrated with the Shopify platform through [...]

What platforms can DirectAddress be integrated with?2021-05-24T10:03:14+00:00
13 08, 2020

What are the device requirements?


In terms of browser compatibility, DirectAddress supports the latest, stable releases of all major browsers (including but not limited to Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and platforms (Windows, iOS and OSX). On Windows, we support Internet Explorer [...]

What are the device requirements?2020-08-13T14:04:51+00:00
7 08, 2020

What fields does the API return?


As standard the API returns the full address fields: Address lines 1-6, Town, County and Eircode. However, it can return any fields as contained within the Royal Mail PAF or Eircode ECAD data file. For [...]

What fields does the API return?2022-01-27T14:32:59+00:00