Better Database Management

With address information from different sources being constantly added or updated on databases, there’s often a possibility that information will be duplicated. With DirectAddress, Eircodes and Postcodes can be captured to validate addresses and help reduce the number of duplicated records.

A cleaner address database supports more targeted and effective statement mailings and marketing campaigns. Similarly, better data helps reduce the costs associated with undelivered or repeated mailings and also helps ensure the delivery of important documentation.

    Better Fraud Detection

    Using DirectAddress, banks and other financial services can undertake better fraud assessments.

    With a better understanding of customers and their location, financial institutions may leverage an improved accuracy when cross checking against other databases. In turn, this may improve the organisation’s ability to detect fraud.

    More Accurate Address Capture

    It’s estimated that 35% of addresses in Ireland share their address with at least one other property. Prior to the introduction of Eircode, ordinary addressing made it difficult for those delivering goods and services to identify an exact location.

    With DirectAddress, banks and financial institutions can quickly identify a unique Eircode or Postcode for each address, allowing for the provision of services more efficiently.

    Faster Customer Service

    Today’s customers expect service to be fast and efficient. DirectAddress can help financial institutions to provide a better and faster experience.

    Customer service agents can more easily capture customer information and verify addresses, both improving the experience for the customer and saving valuable time spent by customer service agents.

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